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Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo
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Due to worldwide program growth, not all Championship Tournaments will be able to send their Champion Award Team to the World Festival.

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Video: 2008 Lower Hudson FIRST LEGO League Tournament - Feb. 10(Sunday)

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Photo Gallery: 2008 Lower Hudson FIRST LEGO League Tournament and Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo

2007-2008 Theme: Power Puzzle  

This year's Power Puzzle challenge is about understanding all the elements of energy use in a world that uses more and more of it everyday. As our world grows and changes, so do our energy needs. The Power Puzzle mission models ask FLL teams to consider just some of the energy choices we have and how those choices affect the world. With the Power Puzzle project, your team has the opportunity to look at all types of energy choices, analyze the possibilities, and work to improve energy use.

Whether it is environmental, financial, social, or cultural, each energy choice can have positive impacts in some areas while having negative impacts in others. The challenge is to find practical solutions in your community without ignoring the larger impacts your action or inaction can have on your life or around the world. As you work to find the balance between all these issues, realize that the solution in your home, community, country, or world will be unique.

As we work to make the puzzle pieces fit, we must consider all parts of energy use, including how energy is made, how it is stored, how we dispose of waste associated with it, how we use it, and how much we consume.

How will the pieces of your puzzle fit together? What is your energy solution?

Tournament Date:
Sunday, February 10, 2008
(In case of inclement weather, please call 914-773-3592.
Snow Date: Sunday, March 9, 2008)
Pleasantville Campus, Pace University
861 Bedford Rd.
Pleasantville, NY 10570
Schedule of Events for FIRST LEGO League Teams:

8:30 AM
- Registration
9:30 AM
- Judging Begins
12:15 PM
- Opening Ceremony
1:30 PM
- Round 1 Match
1:55 PM
- Intermission
2:05 PM
- Round 2 Match
2:30 PM
- Intermission
2:40 PM
- Round 3 Match
3:15 PM
- Closing/Awards Ceremony

Schedule of Events for Junior FIRST LEGO League Teams:

9:00 AM
- Registration
10:00 AM
- Expo
12:00 PM
- Parade of Teams and Awards

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