Welcome to the e-Portfolio Site!

Professors Anderson, Feather, and Scharff sincerely hope that you will find creating your e-Portfolios a rewarding experience. We are looking forward to assisting you in showcasing your accomplishments while at Pace University. It will be important to meet frequently with your advisors to obtain feedback on the files that you intend to include.

What is an e-Portfolio?

An e-Portfolio resembles the original concept of a portfolio, except that your work will be submitted electronically, i.e. the results of your efforts will be an online collection of your work. The e-Portfolio will allow you to showcase that work you've accomplished in your academic career by including a resume, various class projects, your own website designed by you, and reflective logs, highlighting your educational activities. (You should plan on creating a log approximately every two weeks during the semester.) Your e-Portfolio will be an opportunity to capture the distinctive characteristics of your work. Further, once you begin adding files to your e-Portfolio, you will be able to share your accomplishments with others — your peers, professors, and potential employers. Additionally, your e-Portfolio will be a work-in-progress as you will be able to add to it throughout your career.