SUNY New Paltz HVCET Projects 2000


CATalogue of Web Technologies

Dr. Karsten Verbeurgt


This project involves compilation of a knowledge base of existing and newly marketed off-the-shelf software and systems that can be integrated to meet the needs of businesses. This knowledge base can then be used to direct small businesses toward optimal web solutions. The cataloguing process has lead to initial development of a database.  Ultimately the group will design a Web site summarizing the findings that will be expanded to offer other services as additional capability is developed and focused on the campus.  This is the first step in a plan to develop a multi-media lab capable of testing and comparing existing and emerging technologies.


Benchmarking Financial Applications of Data Mining Research.             

Dr. Karsten Verbeurgt


The goal of this project is to develop an information repository for the testing of data mining techniques.  Data mining is the extraction of patterns from large data sets. It is critical to the process of making decisions based on compiled information, a process important in e-business applications such as the Direct Marketing (DM) techniques utilized in e-commerce.


Benchmark Study of the Account Data Model

Dr. Andrew Pletch and Dr. Chih-Yang Tsai



Cataloguing data in an intelligent manner that facilitates efficient querying of that database is a key element of any business plan; doing this on-line is critical at several levels of an e-business plan. This research team has developed a new approach to data modeling called the Account Data Model. This universal data model is applicable to On-line Analytic Processing (OLAP), as well as, On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing, and Data Mining. One important feature of this model is that its structure permits redesign of an application without the need to redesign the corresponding database implementation. The purpose of this project is to study the OLAP performance of database implemented following the Account Data Model. The database contains the transactions over a 10-year period of a medium-sized company. This database was built using the Account Data Model by Quire Inc.


Assessing Consumer Trust in E-Commerce

Dr. Maryalice Citera


The purpose of this project is to identify for Hudson Valley businesses ways to build trust and establish relationships with on-line customers.  At the heart of electronic commerce is the need to build relationships with customers/clients.  People in business are used to judging the credibility of others by assessing their so-called integrity when they met face to face. Perceived integrity was based on eye-to-eye contact and the firmness of a handshake.  While this method of assessing integrity is not infallible, people have confidence in it. We do not know what leads e-consumers to trust an on line business enough to make a first purchase and return for repeat purchases. To investigate this issue, the investigator will survey and analyze consumer responses to:


1)      Assess the risks consumers perceive with e-commerce,


2)      Identify processes, policies, and technology design features that can alleviate fears of these risks (e.g., security, confidentiality),



3)      Identify ways to build customer confidence.