CS150: Course Syllabus

Mtg     Date         Readings/Events     Assignments
1 Wed May 31 Chapters 1 and 2 and
Part I (Ch 3-7): Intro to Networking

Go to Yahoo.com and set up My Yahoo!

2 Mon June 5 Chapter 23: HTML
Create-Your-Homepage In-class Exercise
HTML Reference Card
Assignment 1: Access, read, and send me via email
a one paragraph report on the following websites: http://ultimate.userworld.com/HTML/main.html http://www.learnthenet.com/english/html/01birth.htm http://www.pbs.org/obp/nerds2.0.1/
3 Wed June 7 Part II: A Brief History of the Internet Assignment 2: Complete your homepage and
send me via e-mail the URL
4 Mon June 12 Part III: How the Internet Works Assignment 3: Evaluate 3 websites for design and content (add a link to your evaluation from your homepage)
5 Wed June 14 Chapter 20 E-mail
Chapter 21 Bulletin Board Service
Chapter 22 Browsing the WWW
Assignment 4: Research and evaluate the significance of e-mail (add a link to your evaluation from your homepage)
6 Friday June 16 Today's class is devoted to special help. Please notify the instructor via e-mail if you would like individual help. Assignment 5: Search the Web for information on a topic of interest to you and write a brief report describing your search (add a link to your assignment from your homepage) and be prepared to share your experience with the class.
7 Mon June 19 Chapter 24 Advanced Web Technologies
Tables In-class Exercise
Frames In-class Exercise
Assignment 6: Access, read, and write a report containing one paragraph on each of the following websites (add a link to your report from your homepage):
http://webbuilder.netscape.com/ http://ultimate.userworld.com/HTML/main.html
8 Wed June 21 Chapter 25 Search Engines
Final Project Assigned
Forms In-class Exercise
Assignment 7: Complete your business website (add a link to your business website from your homepage)
9 Mon June 26 Chapter 26 Audio/Video Communication
Chapter 27 Faxes & Files (FTP)
Assignment 8: Write a brief report describing what you intend to do for your final project (add a link to your report from your homepage)
10 Wed June 28 Chapters 28-31 and Appendices Assignment 9: Write a short report (3-5 paragraphs) about a topic of interest related to the reading (add a link to your report from your homepage).
Work on Final Project
11 Mon July 3 No Class (Individual Instruction by Appointment) None
12 Wed July 5 Web-related Careers
The Future of the Internet
Java Applet: RGB
Java Code: RGB
Java Applet: 4 Dice
Java Code: 4 Dice
Final Website Presentations: students demonstrate their websites, including their final projects
Final Project Due:
Complete your final project and add a link to it from your homepage