Project QA System

The emphasis of this system will be on establishing and collecting quality assurance (QA) measures and deliverables. It will publish on a Web site the QA measures required for the projects, and collect and publish the QA items for this year's projects. This project is ideal for those interested in QA since this team will establish, together with the instructor, the QA measures for the projects.

If time permits further development, the system will also serve as the repository for CS615-616 project information over time, during this year's project development and also historically for projects developed in earlier years. The system will have a Web interface and allow the user to search on an item or topic to find the appropriate project and/or item. All related material and documentation for each project must be readily available. The interface must allow the system administrator to easily add information at any time, such as the date that the project system failed or was no longer in use. Project team members can add or modify information related only to their own project. Once a project is completed, only the system administrator can add or modify information related to that project.

The system will allow the user to retrieve information. Example query results include: