Test Item Reliability Analysis System

This project is for the mathematically inclined, particularly those interested in statistical analysis.

This system will perform an item analysis on test/quiz questions to determine their reliability. This will involve reliability coefficients, item and test analysis, measure of item difficulty, item variance, correlation coefficients, and the average value of item-test correlation coefficients. See, for example, the following:

Although not necessarily Web based, the application must be accessible by remote users. An example flat file input might be as follows:

Record Layout 1: The Test Key

  Field Name        Columns
  ----------------  -------
  Test Name          01-28

  # Items in test    29-30

  Key to Item 1         31
  Key to Item 2         32
  Key to Item 3         33

  Key to Item 50        80

Record Layout 2: Individual Test Results

  Field Name        Columns
  ----------------  -------
  Student Name       01-20
  Student ID Nos.    21-30

  Ans on Item 1         31
  Ans on Item 2         32
  Ans on Item 3         33

  Ans on Item 50        80

Here's a sample input file of the test key and ten students:

IS613 Midterm Exam - Varden 30424231223141322131223144133344
Michael Adams       093476432 434231323121322231223144133144
Sally Baker         325363223 42323442314133213 223144133334
Tracy Fox           354327553 2242312231413221312231441333 4
Stephen Goldberg    112643854 423231223141322131223144133344
Jane Kim            987353213 424231223141322131223144133344
Hector Lopez        032564223 424231223141421312233344133344
Michael Marks       665443214 424231223141322131231434133344
Robert Randel       776443953 424241223141322133223311133324
Will Smith          123987454 424221223141322131223144133344
Susie Wu            527543253 43423122314132213122314413 341

This assumes that all items have four choices. To generalize the program so that it can handle items of varying numbers of choices, it would be necessary to add a third record type that would contain a vector of the number of choices for each item. The program should also provide information on the number of "omits" for each item, that is, the number and percentage of the times an item was left blank.

The example file described here would be prepared by the user and submitted to the program in some way.