VoiceXML Absentee System Instructions

To register for the application:

Click on VoiceXML Applications, then on the link Web-abs, and then on the link Sign up! Select a 4-digit userID and a 4-digit password, and complete the student information and CourseID (for example, CS616).

To record your absence by phone:

  1. Call 1-800-555-8965, and enter the Developer ID: 76901 and PIN: 9866
    (digit strings should be spoken in single digits, e.g., "nine eight six six")
  2. When prompted, say your 4-digit userID and then your 4-digit Password
    (obtained when you registered for the application).
  3. When prompted, enter the CourseID, for example "CS616" (say it like "CS six one six")
  4. When prompted, say the month and day of absence: e.g., February twenty six.
  5. Hang up when you hear "Your absence has been recorded"

To record your absence directly on the Web:

Login to the VoiceXML Application Web interface as you did when you registered, only this time record your absence. You can also view your absences.