Medical Forms System

This is a continuation of the Medical Forms System developed in CS616 last spring.

The client for this project is the Eating Disorders Research Unit (EDRU) at The New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. As a medical research clinic, the client asks research subjects to complete many self-report forms. Entering these forms manually into a database is a time-consuming process and is riddled with the possibility of transcription errors. In order to work towards solving this problem, last year's team constructed an "Electronic Patient Forms System" which allows patients to complete the self-report forms online.

The EDRU currently uses a large Microsoft Access-based database that contains a significant amount of clinical research data. However it is a cumbersome process to enter and retrieve data from this system. In order to improve the manner in which data are handled, the client would like to continue the work started by last year's team. As such, there are several objectives for this project: