Complaint Desk

The complaint desk is a web based system that records grievances. Users of the system can report their grievances using a web interface, and all the information is stored on a backend database. The aim of the compliant desk is to empower citizens so that "their voices are heard."

The idea is to build a mechanism which will not only be a source of revenue but will also provide a service to the community by giving people an opportunity to participate in an endeavor that will make their voices heard. To discourage users from abusing the complaint desk service, a user must have a valid credit card that is used to validate identity and to generate revenue by charging a small fee for making a grievance report.

This is a continuation of a project from CS616 in May 2003, see system related information from the CS616 website for 2003.

One of the components of the system performs a search to find existing complaints similar to the one being submitted by a user of the system. This allows the user to add to an existing complaint if so desired. One of the ideas of the system is to try to take strong actions to resolve those complaints that have been voiced by many users since these would appear to be the serious problems. This year's students will focus on this aspect of the system.