CS616 Software Engineering II

Pace University

Midterm Exam March 8, 2001



Student: ____________________________


Instructor: ____________________________





I. Ten Multiple Choice: Pressman/Fowler (30 points) ______


II. Eight fill in the blanks: Pressman/Fowler (40 points) ______


III. Four Design/Computation: Pressman (80 points) ______


IV. Five Short Answer Questions: Pressman (50 points) ______



TOTAL (200 points) ______




Do not begin work until so instructed. You will have two hours to complete this exam. Work quickly, but take care to read all directions carefully and completely. The exam is composed of four sections of varying point values as indicated above. If you are stuck in one section, you will maximize your potential score by continuing on with the remainder of the exam, returning only after attempting the rest of the problems.

Do not leave any answers blank. Partial credit will be given only on problems which have been attempted. When you have finished, turn in your work to your instructor. Any used scratch paper must be included with your exam.


Good Luck!