DCS860A Graded Events and Grade Scale

The following graded events and grade scale were set up to accommodate students taking the course for either 2 or 3 credits. Although students can concentrate their points in a few graded events, points are required for certain events to ensure attainment of minimal standards. Note that the possible points attainable exceeds the 100% level of 1000 points for 2 credits or 1500 points for 3 credits.

There are 15 homework assignments, roughly one per week, but due in clumps prior to each our weekend meetings. It is recommended that you complete them on a weekly basis rather than waiting until the deadline just before our weekend meetings. All homework assignments are to be completed as webpages with links from your website. Instructions how to set up your website are in HW assignment 1 and, if you have difficulty creating web pages or setting up your site, first try to get help from your team before contacting me.

There are 15 timed (15 minutes each, one time only), multiple choice quizzes to be taken at the CourseInfo website. The quizzes are relatively easy and are used to check that you do the reading and understand the material. Each quiz is based on a specific reading and in order to do well you need to do that reading. Although the quizzes are open book, the time limit will not allow you look up all the answers unless you know where to look. Because you are given the answers on completion of a quiz (immediate feedback has been found to be important for learning) you should not provide the answers to other students (DPS honor code). Quizzes must be taken prior to the Friday of our weekend meeting in order to count.

There are two thesis idea papers. The first is a team project (either same teams as last year or new teams) and the other individual. At least one must be on the material covered; the other can be on emerging information technology material of your choice.

There are a variable number of instructor negotiated options. Possibilities include: product evaluation, research paper, presentation, etc. Each option item and its value (number of points) is to be negotiated with me. These can be individual projects, two-person projects, team projects, etc. Of course, the more people involved the better the expected product.

There are team provided points for team participation, contribution, positive influence, etc. The teams are the preexisting 5-person teams. You all have different talents and should help each other where possible. In addition to working together on team projects, you can help each other with things like how to set up a website, how to access a quiz at CourseInfo, etc. I want all requests for help to go first to your team. Similarly, whenever possible, try to handle all complaints through your team. My philosophy is that I would rather hear solutions to problems, not complaints, and that better solutions will come from teams than from individuals. Of course, I am available for help if not provided by your team. Each team will decide how to distribute the team points (number_of_team_members times 25) among the team members.

Finally, there are instructor provided points for your individual class participation, contribution, positive influence, etc.

Event Possible Points
per person
Required Points
per person
Homeworks (15 * 20 points each) 300 points 200 points
Quizzes (15 * 20 points each)
take at CourseInfo
300 points 200 points
Thesis Idea Papers (2 * 200 points) 400 points 300 points
Instructor Negotiated Options
(possibilities: product evaluation,
research paper, presentation, etc.)
2 credits: max 200 points
3 credits: max 700 points
Team Provided Points
(for team participation,
contribution, positive influence)
average 25, max 50 points
Instructor Provided Points
(for class participation,
contribution, positive influence)
average 25, max 50 points
Totals 2 credits: 1300 points
3 credits: 1800 points
See below

Grade Assigned Score Definition
A  93-100% 2 credits: 930 or more points
3 credits: 1395 or more points
Dominates the Material
A-  90-93% 2 credits: 900-929 points
3 credits: 1350-1394 points
Masters the Material
B+  87-90% 2 credits: 870-899 points
3 credits: 1305-1349 points
Good Understanding
with Flashes of Stellar Work
B  83-87% 2 credits: 830-869 points
3 credits: 1245-1304 points
Good Understanding
B-  80-83% 2 credits: 800-829 points
3 credits: 1200-1244 points
Aptitude for the Subject
Less than 80%
2 credits: below 800 points
3 credits: below 1200 points
Weak for Graduate Work