Syllabus: Emerging Information Technologies I
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Sep 10
Course Introduction - review course website
"Thinking outside the box"  
Overview: biometrics & pattern recognition books
ISECON2011-Projects/Research Interplay slides 
     Dissertation Research Ideas in Computing

Technology Life Cycle (TLC): Kendall/Kurzweil
Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns
     leading to The Singularity: movie book summit
  Kurzweil's Law Accel. Returns
  Kendall: Preface+
  Kurzweil: Prologue & Chap 1
  Biometrics textbook: Ch 1-3
  Kurzweil BBC YouTube(not req)
  Did you know? A  B  C (not req)
Quiz 1: TLC+Kurzweil's Law
Quiz 2: Biometrics: chap 1-3
Oct 1
Biometrics: cf Biometric Group

Dr. Nalini Ratha, Biometrics at IBM Movies
    9:00-10:00, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains
Bio-Dance  Bio-Knock  Translator

Pattern Reco: basics  Keystroke J. 2010 ppt
Keystroke/Stylo: BTAS2010 ppt   IJCB2011

11:30-12:30-Dr Sung-Hyuk Cha, Research Ideas
1:30-2:45 - Research Design Sprint  slides
  Pattern Recognition Basics
  Keystroke Material
Presentation Evaluation 1

Quiz 3: Pat Reco: basics
Quiz 4: Biometrics: keystroke
Oct 29
Reduced session for Dantzig-only after lunch

Pattern Recognition: bayes
Discuss textbook chapters
Discuss Research Ideas
Readings: Biometrics ch 5-7
  Pattern Recognition Bayes
Presentation Evaluation 2
Quiz 5: Pat Reco: Bayes
Quiz 6: Biometrics: chap 5-7
Nov 19
Pattern Recognition

11:30-12:30 Dr Sung-Hyuk Cha, CSIS
     Clustering to Improve Weak Biometrics

Brief review of biometrics & pat reco readings
Pattern Recognition: Pen-Centric Shorthand
Readings: Biometrics ch 9-11
  Pattern Recognition Shorthand
Presentation Evaluation 3

Quiz 7: Pat Reco: shorthand
Quiz 8: Biometrics: chap 9-11
Dec 17
Quantum Cryptography and Computing

Dr Ron Frank, Quantum Key Dist. TOC Alg
    11:30-12:30, Rm 320, Grad Ctr, White Plains

Pattern Recognition: Neural Nets  P1  P2
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Team Presentations (15min each) P1 P2 P3 P4
Readings: Pat Reco Neural Nets
  Quantum Papers Navajo Vienna
Presentation Evaluations 4&5
Team Assignment

Quiz 9: Pat Reco: Neural Nets
Quiz 10: Quantum material