DCS861A Emerging Information Technologies II

Dr. Chuck Tappert   Survey Monkey
Dr. Sung-Hyuk Cha

Course Description: The Emerging Information Technologies two-semester course sequence presents a variety of topics not fully covered in the other DPS course material. This semester we will focus on dissertation-related data, and how it is obtained, analyzed, and reported. Dr. Cha's presentation slides and related material are on Blackboard.

Textbooks:  none this semester

Other recommended but not required books

Graded Events and Grade Scale

Three evaluation reports: 2-4 page reports that critique the presentation and associated topic material. This can include the main instructor presentations and the guest presentations, together with their associated readings or other material. The instructor topics include: decision trees, association rules and Bayesian learning, clustering, proximity measures, and other topics. For evaluation ideas, see How referees evaluate research. For you evaluation, you can use your own criteria or, if you like, you can use the Research Seminar Evaluation Form.

Team presentation and report: similar to last semester, choose a suitable topic and create a course-material-related project using Weka or a similar tool.

Incompletes: in order to be fair to those students who complete the course in a timely manner, our policy is to reduce the grade of those students taking an incomplete by a letter grade for each semester, or portion thereof, that the incomplete is in effect.

Graded Events
Event Possible points per person
Three Evaluation Reports
300 points
(100 each)
Team Project
Presentation & Report
200 points
Individual Participation 100 points
Totals max 600 points

Grade Scale
1000 points = 100%
Grade Assigned Score Definition
A  93-100% 930 or more points Dominates the Material
A-  90-93% 900-929 pointss Masters the Material
B+  87-90% 870-899 points Good Understanding
with Flashes of Stellar Work
B  83-87% 830-869 points Good Understanding
B-  80-83% 800-829 points Aptitude for the Subject
Less than 80%
below 800 points Weak for Graduate Work