Pen Computing Papers

(skim first three for the quiz)

  1. Pen Computing: Challenges and Applications, by Jay Subrahmonia and Thomas Zimmerman, Proc. ICPR 2000.
  2. From handwriting analysis to pen-computing applications, by L. Schomaker, Electronics and Communications Eng. J., 1998, pp. 93-101.
  3. The State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition, by C. Tappert, C. Suen, and T. Wakahara, IEEE TRans. PAMI, Vol. 12, August 1990.
  4. Recognition Accuracy and User Acceptance of Pen Interfaces, by Clive Frankish, Richard Hull, and Pam Morgan, CHI 1995.
  5. Lifting the Cover of Those Ubiquitous Touch Screens, by Matt Lake, NY Times, March 15, 2001.
  6. Touchscreens: At Your Fingertips, by Mark Fischetti, Scientific American.