Project Information
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ID Customer
(primary in green+Subject Matter Experts)
Project Student Team
(team leader in green, extra in brown)
1 Larry Immohr (DPS)
Anil Ramapanicker(fall06proj)
Chris Monclova (sum07proj)
Mouse Movement System
Rafael Diaz
Nkem Ajufor
Antony Amalraj
Mohammed Islam
Michael Lampe
2 Sandy Westcott (DPS)
Chris Ojar (fall06 project)
Siva Reddy (sum07 project)
Sridhar Tipirineni (sum07proj)
Stylometry System
Geraldine McCabe
Kristina Calix
Melissa Connors
De-Havaland Levy-CS
Huriya Manzar-CS
3 DPS Student TBD (DPS)
Julie Ni (spr07 project)
Bobby Gust (spr07 project)
Human Brain Visual Systems
project cancelled

4 Dr. Mary Villani (DPS Grad)
Lars Weinrich (Consultant)
Keystroke Biometric System
Andreea Cotoranu
Tarjani Buch
Eric Jeskey
Florin Tihon
5 Mark Ritzmann (DPS)
Biometric Authentication Sys Swati Bharati-CS
Rumeiz Hasseem
Raheel Khan
Alex Wong-CS
6 Dr. Cha (CSIS)
Data Mining Systems Clara Eusebi
Cosmin Gliga
Deepa John-CS
Andre Maisonave
Notes: 1. The project ID number is also a link to the project team's website.
2. Continued projects usually have new directions/focuses.