Telehealth Project: Connected Health


For the first time we are able to monitor and track health-related information in ways that were previously only available in a clinic or hospital. From fitness to diseases management, there is a growing range of solutions that let us collect, analyze, and manage information to improve our lives. At the same time health care providers are integrating mobile devices and cloud technologies into all areas of their practice. Both consumer and clinical markets are experiencing an explosion in devices and applications but have few options of how to bring together disparate data sources.

The benefits bringing together consumer and clinical data are not only numerous, they are revolutionary. Ultimately patients will have greater access, visibility, and control into their health care and providers will deliver higher quality, lower cost health care. This is one of the next "billion dollar enterprises" with an enormous need for solutions, services, and talent. The creation of Universal Health Platforms will provide an ecosystem of solution providers and user communities with the foundation need to drive real value in the use of health-related information. It will act as a central catalyst in changing how we approach health and wellness as individuals, as a nation, and as a global community.

Universal Health Platforms of the Future

Universal health platforms of the future will help unify patients, providers, and payers through the collection, storage, manipulation, and visualization of health data. The platforms that are ultimately successful will meet key requirements for enterprise data management platforms such as: These platforms will promote several key goals:


The goal of this project is to provide analysis, guidance, and identify best practices for the connection of consumer and clinical health information through an enterprise-class, universal health platform. Participants in this project will develop a comprehensive understanding of: If time permits, the ultimate goal of the project is to speculate and provide initial designs of such platforms at the conceptual level.