Mid-Atlantic Student Workshop
Programming Languages and Systems

Friday, April 19th, 2002
host: Pace University with ACM SIGPLAN

Pace University Graduate Center
1 Martine Avenue, White Plains NY 10606
History of MASPLAS

Many thanks to Phil Pfeiffer for porting a successful model from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1995, MASPLAS has provided graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to present their research.

These annual regional conferences provide opportunities for students to network and for group mentoring. The goals of these meetings are:
  • To allow students to present their work to a small audience of unfamiliar colleagues.
  • To allow constructive criticism of work from people outside of their own departments.
  • To allow undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the interactions that occur at a research conference but at reduced cost.
  • To promote contact among undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and local industry in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Annual MASPLAS meetings have been held since 1995 with hosts:
Previous keynote speakers include Dr. Jeanne Ferrante, Dennis Ritchie, Dr. Alan Kay, Dr. John Vlissides, and Dr. Ron K. Cytron.