Mid-Atlantic Student Workshop
Programming Languages and Systems

Friday, April 19th, 2002
host: Pace University with ACM SIGPLAN

Pace University Graduate Center
1 Martine Avenue, White Plains NY 10606
Call for Papers


Submit a plain text or HTML abstract by Monday, March 18, 2002. These will be posted on the web for potential attendees to browse. The abstract should be less than one page. E-mail abstract submissions to: Dr. Allen Stix with the subject "MASPLAS Paper Abstract".

Submit a complete paper in postscript by Monday, March 25, 2002. This may be either new work or previously published related work. The paper should be no more than 10 pages single spaced. E-mail the postscript file to: Dr. Allen Stix with the subject "MASPLAS Paper Postscript". If you wish to use any presentation tools other than PowerPoint slides or traditional transparencies, you should also let us know by this date.


Your paper will appear in two places:
1. the workshop proceedings
2. the electronic version of proceedings on the MASPLAS Web site

In both cases, postscript will be used. As the papers in the 2nd format will be obtainable individually, it is important that you follow the format directions below.


In an effort to balance the amount of work required by the program chair and the consistency of the proceedings, we have decided to let the authors determine the format of their paper with TWO exceptions, listed below. If possible, we suggest that authors use a two-column proceedings style for the formatting of their papers. If this is not possible, one-column style will suffice. The length of a paper can be no longer than 10 pages.

1. The title page of the paper should contain the following:
    Proceedings of MASPLAS'02
    Mid-Atlantic Student Workshop on Programming Languages and Systems
    Pace University, April 19th, 2002

This reference may appear either across the top of the first page OR in footnote style at the bottom of the first page.

2. Page numbers will be composed of TWO fields. The first field is your paper number, and the second field is the page number within your paper. Your paper number is its position in the program. For example, if your paper number is 7 and your paper is 10 pages long, the pages should be numbered 7.1, 7.2, ..., 7.10 with a period as the separator between the two fields.

For your convenience, a one-line Latex command to do this numbering is shown below:


Change "YOUR-PAPER-NUMBER" appropriately and insert this line before the \begin{document}.

E-mail paper submissions to: Dr. Allen Stix