CS488: Computer Networks and the Internet Spring 2019


Please check out Syllabus of CS488 for spring 2019, Thanks.

Office Hours(updated bi-weekly)


Date Topics Notes Reading
Tue 01/29 Logistics, Intro and History of Network
Please sign up on Piazza Text: 1.1, 1.5, 2.7
Thu 01/31 Application protocals, Network Architecture
Please install WireShark for labs Text: 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.6
Tue 02/05 No class. Happy lunar new year!
Jun still answers email/piazza
Thu 02/07 Intro to Transport Layer
HW1 is out Text: 3.1,3.2
Tue 02/12 Transport and Reliability continued
Project1 is out Text: 3.3,3.4
Thu 02/14 TCP and congestion control, in-class lab 1
Text: 3.5, 3.6, 3.7
Tue 02/19 Network layer: IP and forwarding
HW1 due, HW2 is out Text: 4.1,4,3,4.4
Thu 02/21 Network layer: routing 1
Text: 4.5,4.6
Tue 02/26 HW1 review, Network layer: routing 2
Project1 due, project 2 is out Text: 4.5,4.6
Thu 02/28 Network layer: ICMP, IPv6, in-class lab 2
Text: 4.7
Tue 03/05 Revisit application layer: DNS
HW2 due , HW3 is not out until after midterm Text: 2.5
Thu 03/07 Midterm Review
Please complete sample midterm before hand.
Tue 03/12 Guest lecture by Dr.Shan on DNS security, in-class lab3
Jun is out of town for research.
Thu 03/14 Midterm (it covers through 3/5)
Jun is out of town for research.
Tue 03/19 Spring break, food, sleep and sunshine.
Jun still answers email/piazza
Thu 03/21 Spring break, food, sleep and sunshine.
Jun still answers email/piazza
Tue 03/26 Midterm exam review, project 1 review, project 2 discussion
HW3 is out
Thu 03/28 Application layer: NAT, P2P
Text: 2.6
Tue 04/02 Application layer continued
Project2 due , Project 3 is out
Thu 04/04 Link layer
Text: 5.1, 5.2
Tue 04/09 Link layer continued, Wireless
HW3 due , HW4 is out Text: 5.3, 5.4, 6.1
Thu 04/11 Project2 review, Project3 discussion
Tue 04/16 Wireless continued, in-class lab4
Thu 04/18 Security: Web
Project3 proposal due [soft deadline]
Tue 04/23 Security continued: TLS
Thu 04/25 HW3 review, In-class lab5
HW4 due (no more HW, yeah~)
Tue 04/30 DHT
Thu 05/02 HW4 and final review
Project3 milestone due [soft deadline]
Tue 05/07 Final Exam
Thu 05/09 Undergraduate Study Day, No class
All resubmission due
Tue 05/14 TBD
Thu 05/16 Project3 competition/presentations
Project3 final submission due

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