CS 271 Fundamentals Of The Unix Operating System

  • Instructor: Prof. Sung-Hyuk Cha

  • CRN: 35895

  • Meeting:

  • Textbook: Unix System V: A Practical Guide, Sobell, Addison-Wesley, 3rd Ed. '95. NOT REQUIRED, (Lecture note distributed electronically.)

  • Course Goals:
    This course introduces students to the usage of the UNIX operating system. The course will emphasize end-user tools and commands for basic file manipulation, editing, compilation, as well as special features of the UNIX shell environment.

  • Prerequisites:
    a grade of "c" or better in CS 122 Computer Programming II

  • Lecture Notes: can be accessed using the http://blackboard.pace.edu. Blackboard Login Procedures for Registered Students are available here
    Unix online help

  • Schedule:

    1 (9/6)Introduction & Unix utilities
    2 (9/20) Unix file systems & Links, Quiz
    3 (10/4) Unix Shell, Quiz
    4 (10/18) Shell Programming, Quiz
    5 (11/1) Miscellaneous Commands, Final Exam

  • Evaluation:
    • Quizzes (30%): There will be 10-minutes quizzes given at the beginning of three lecture classes (9/20, 10/4, and 10/18). Topics will be those covered in the previous lecture.
    • Final Exam (50%):
    • Attendance (20%): Attendance at lecture is mandatory.