CS 387 Database Design

  • Instructor: Prof. Sung-Hyuk Cha

  • CRN: 37220

  • Meeting:

  • Textbook: Silberschatz, Korth, and Sudarshan, Database System Concepts, 4th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2001

  • Course Goals:
    This course provides an introduction to database concepts, data models, SQL, and database design. The major goal is to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts underlying the design and use of a database system. A database management system will be used as a vehicle for illustrating some of the concepts discussed in the course.

  • Prerequisites:
    CS232 Computer Organization II and CS242 Data Structures and Algorithms II

  • Lecture Notes: can be accessed using the http://blackboard.pace.edu.
    Blackboard Login Procedures for Registered Students are available here

  • Project: consists of the design and implementation of a database application of your choice using either MicroSoft Access or MySQL. It is decomposed into 3 parts. In the first part, choose a non-trivial application (e.g., an enterprise involving companies, departments, employees, inventory etc.) and model it by stating the requirements and using an E-R diagram. The second part is the implementation of the relational model based upon the E-R diagram of the first part. The final part is the implementation of the application. This project is to be done in groups of 3. click here for details.
    Here is a sample project

  • Schedule:

    1 (1/25)Ch 1 Introduction & Ch 2 Entity-Relationship Model
    2 (2/1) Ch 3 Relational Algebra
    3 (2/8) Ch 3 Tuple & Domain Relational Calculus & Ch 4 SQL
    4 (2/15) Ch 4 SQL, Prj Part I due
    5 (2/22) Ch 5 QBE & Datalog
    6 (3/1) Review
    7 (3/8) Midterm
    8 (3/15) Spring Break
    9 (3/22) Ch 6 Integrity and Security, Prj Part II due
    10 (3/29) Easter
    11 (4/5) Ch 7 Relational Database Design
    12 (4/12) Ch 12 Indexing and Hashing
    13 (4/19) Ch 15 Transactions
    14 (4/26) Ch 22 Advanced Querying and Information Retrieval
    15 (5/3) Project presentation, Prj Part III due
    16 Final Exam

  • Evaluation:
    • Quizzes (10%): There will be 10-minutes quizzes given at the beginning of most lecture classes. Topics will be those covered most recently. Your lowest score on the quizzes will be dropped.
    • Project (30%): 3 student group project. Presentation with demonstration is required.
    • Midterm Exam (30%):
    • Final Exam (30%):