DCS 802 Datamining Project

Prof. Sung-Hyuk Cha
Spring 2002
Due: May 10


In this project you will implement a datamining application of your choice using a classfication rule mining such as a decision tree (ID3), an association rule mining such as apriori algorithm, clustering, or others. The project consists of four parts.
  1. 1st part: main goal of your application application of your own choice.
  2. 2nd part: Input - define the schema for your application and enter sample (at least 100) data.
  3. 3rd part: Output and algorithm used - Run the data using either decision tree or apriori algorithm.
  4. 4th part: discussion and state any extensions you could have done should more time and resources were available.

2005 year students' group projects

Team Studenttitle
1 Roli Wendorf
Arthur Phidd
Adam Kuta
Robert Pottinger
Andre Darden
Cynthia Stroh
Life Time Value
2 Peter Morales
Abdoulaye Samb
Gokbora Uran
Kathleen Bravo
Todd Kolb
3 Bashir Ahmed
Steven Golikov
Melanie Johnson
Barbara Edington
Borming Chiang
4 Victoria Hanrahan
Ibrahim El-Dewak
Kenneth Brancik
Thomas Lombardi
Sheb Findik
Catasto Datamining

2004 year students' sample projects

Clara Chang BustBlocker Video Rental
Maheswara P. Kasinadhuni Datamining and Online Analytical Processing for Marketing Sales Problem
Karina Hernandez A Job Search Application using Data Mining Agent
David Ulmer Mining an Online Auctions Data Warehouse
P001Parametric Regression Model in Data Mining
P002Data Mining for the Institute for Community Living
P003Data Mining for Academic Achievements
P005Home Equity Loans Promotion
P006Data mining on Survery data for the student Internet Access
P007Data Mining for the Major League Baseball Players' Hit Performance
P008Data Mining on WWW on-line Purchase via clustering and classification
P009Mining the Data of an Offensive Coordinators Football Play Slections
P011Data Mining for the Outpatient Clinics
P012Datamining for Network Security
P013Improved Web Mining Techniques