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CS 361

Programming languages and implementation I

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The final will take place on Thuesday 20th December (see blackboard for more information). (Posted Tu 11 Dec 1:00:00 EST 2001)
New lecture notes -- OOP memory allocation -- are posted. (Posted Tu 11 Dec 1:00:00 EST 2001)
New lecture notes -- OOP -- are posted. (Posted Wed 5 Dec 2:00:00 EST 2001)
New lecture notes -- data representation -- are posted. (Posted Mon 3 Dec 22:41:03 EST 2001)
New lecture notes -- introduction to formal methods -- are posted. (Posted Mon 26 Nov 21:20:12 EST 2001)
The test will cover everything we did on functional programming. The test will be a 2 hours test. It will cover pattern-matching, higher-order functions, types (in general, equality types and as in Webwork), Curried functions, What does a function do? and writing functions. In the part where you have to write functions you will have to provide the types of the functions first and then write the functions. If you cannot define a function you can however use it later on in the exercise. There are 2 EXERCISES where you will have to define function. One of them is similar to the problem of prime numbers in Homework 2 and the second one deals with lists. You may want to look at the exercises we did in class together! (Posted Sun 25 Nov 01:20:12 EST 2001)
The solutions of webwork were automatically posted IN webwork. Please look at the solutions. (Posted Sat 24 Nov 15:20:12 EST 2001)
Solutions of Practise exercises 2 are posted in the references section. (Posted Sat 24 Nov 15:20:12 EST 2001)
Electronic submissions of HW 2 and HW 3 explanations are posted in the homework section. Please respect the deadlines. The submission system is NOT linked with webwork, it is completely independent. (Posted Th 22 Nov 03:20:12 EST 2001)
Please provide me by email ( the list of people participating in your team for the project of cs361 and also the leader of your team. People who do not know what team to join must contact me as soon as possible. (Posted Th 22 Nov 03:20:12 EST 2001)
The project is posted in the hw section. The project is a large homework. The due date for the project is Tuesday December 11. You will have one more hw in cs361. (Posted Sun 18 Nov 23:15:12 EST 2001)
Solutions of HW 2 are posted. (Posted Sun 18 Nov 23:15:12 EST 2001)
On Tuesday November 19 bring your questions... we will make a review session. (Posted Sun 18 Nov 23:15:12 EST 2001)

The goal of CS 361 is to introduce the fundamental concepts in programming languages. This is not a programming class.
It provides a study of history of programming languages including imperative, applicative (functional) and logical varieties. Emphasis will be on principles of language design, semantics and implementation strategies. It introduces formal syntax and interpretation and overviews the compilation process.
It will focus on C/C++, JAVA, PROLOG, multi-threading with JAVA and particularly SML.

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