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CS 389 - Spring 2002

Software Engineering

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``Learning without thinking is labour lost; thinking without learning is perilous''. Confucius, Analects, II, 17.

Course description:
CS389 introduces the concepts, tools and techniques of software engineering. It emphasizes the development of reliable and maintainable software via system requirements and specifications, software design methodologies including object-oriented design, implementation, integration and testing, software project management, life-cycle documentation, software maintenance and consideration of social or human factors issues. Students undertake a semester group project implemented mandatory in JAVA as a major part of the course.

At the end of this course students will understand what software engineering is and why it is important. They will also be aware of the ethical and professional issues which are important for software engineers. The objective of this course is at the same time to teach students to build professional quality software individually or as part of a team.

General Information: CS389 is a 3-credit course.Prerequisites are CS 232 and CS 242. Furthermore students must be familiar with JAVA.

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Class time: Tuesday 6:00-8:40pm
Room: W510
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