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Fall 2006
Computer Science and Information Systems Students Seminar Series

Code Detectives

Did you program when you were 11 years old? Do you feel the excitement and passion when solving computer-related problems? Would you spend sleepless nights trying to find bugs, security issues or make your program work? Do you see programming as a recreational and playful activity and program during your spare time? Do you consider programming as an art and are impressed by elegantly written code? Do you know any killer programming tips? Are you part of the programming community? Do you participate in programming contests?

Come listen, chat and play programming games with a series of speakers from the business, industry and open source community who answered YES to all of the above questions. Maybe the passion is contagious?! This is your opportunity to have all your burning tech-related and also career-related questions answered.

Who: All are welcome!
When: Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30
Where: Pace University, 163 William Street, Room 1525
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Contacts: Dr. Scharff (, Dr. Gotel (

Fall 2006 Syllabus
Fall 2006 Flyer
Fall 2006 12/12 Presentations
Yakov Fain, Managing Principal, Farata Systems
             Yakov Fain's blog
             Another brick in the Wall, Yakov Fain, JDJ, May. 28, 2005.
     Anthony Reyes, 1st VP High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)
     Bernie Berger, President, Test Assured Consulting
             Becoming a Better Software Tester.
     Frank Greco, Chairman NY Java User Group (NYJavaSIG)
             The Object Grid: Improving Reliability, Resiliency and Respect
     Jaswinder Hayre, Senior Security Tester, Ernst & Young
     Dr. Jim Miller, Father of CLR, Chief Architect, Microsoft Corporation
Comparing CodeLab and WeBWorK
    CodeLab survey
    WeBWorK survey
Computing Contests

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