Fats Navarro is considered by many admirers to be a model of jazz trumpet excellence especially of the be bop idiom, and so it is understandable that students would benefit from a careful examination of his solos. As a result, some transcriptions from recorded solos to standard musical notation have been done. This section of the Website presents previously unpublished transcriptions of Fats Navarro solos in PDF format for the use of music students and scholars. We thank the transcribers for their contributions. Lady Bird (Master Take)

This is an original contribution offered by Paul Tomashefsky, a school band director at the Mill Pond School in Westborough, Massachusetts. He is also a trumpet tutor. Lady Bird was written by Tadd Dameron in 1939.


This original transcription is by Daniel Schenker. He is a Swiss Jazz trumpet player and he teaches at Zurich University of the Arts. Nostalgia was recorded on December 5, 1947 when Navarro was at the peak of his powers. It is based on the chord changes of Out of Nowhere by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman who wrote it in 1931. There was only one take.